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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 40

Revelation received May 15, 1979
At Grand Junction, Colorado

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. I have heard the prayers of those who have taken upon themselves My name and who have come forward out of the world and have taken upon themselves My yoke, yea and I am well pleased with their sincere hearts and their desires to serve Me.
Tell them to take courage and fear not for I am with them, and will be their forward and their rearward.
And tell them, speaking unto them collectively and not individually, that have I not witnessed to them by My Spirit and poured out My Spirit unto them from time to time, and spoke comfort to them, and they have received special witness that the words of My prophet are true?
For he has been called out of the world as a forerunner, and has borne the battle alone in the heat of the day.
And I say unto you that ye believe that the only adversary to overcome is yourselves and this is true to a degree, but I say unto you that the adversary does exist, and he has sought your lives three times on this trip you have taken, but I have sent Mine angel three times to thwart his desires.
I did this because ye were fulfilling the commandments I commanded you through My servant.
Be not discouraged therefore, for your works are pleasing in My sight, yet you were not without murmurings, and ye would have received a much greater outpouring of My Spirit had these murmurings not occurred.
Ye have not entirely understood the seriousness of this mission, for many souls depend on thee for their salvation, and ye have not entirely kept thine eye single to My glory.
For ye are not yet ready to receive the greater gifts, for if ye murmur at such a small thing as this, how then can ye receive the greater gifts?
10 Do ye not know that the adversary and all his angels seek your lives both temporally and spiritually? What manner of men must ye be then to carry the banner of truth?
11 Think upon these things for ye will receive witness that these things are true.
12 Be sober, prayerful and of a cheerful countenance and My Spirit shall be poured out without measure.
13 And unto My servant, behold I say unto him that he trieth to hide his gift under a bushel, and of this he must repent, for he shuns the responsibility that has been placed upon his head, and tries to place this responsibility upon another.
14 For there is none other at this time who has been appointed to receive Mine oracles; but there shall come a time when all who shall call upon My name shall hear My voice and receive guidance from Me.
15 And behold I say unto thee, tell My servant Wayne that he hath a gift and all who receive a gift from Me must prepare their hearts and minds for this gift, otherwise they shall lose it and they will think they never had it, and it will flee from them.
16 And he shall cultivate this gift and he shall use it in the calling that I have given him.
17 And none other gift at the present doth he have, for all great builders have had this gift whether they knew it or not.
18 Nevertheless, he can use it to bring comfort to his family; and until Mary taketh upon herself another husband, he shall use it to bring comfort to her and her child.
19 Behold I say unto thee that vessels are made weak through transgression and because he hath not kept some of My temporal laws he hath been weakened both spiritually and temporally.
20 And because of this he has doubted somewhat concerning My servant, and he believes that the adversary cannot place doubts in the minds of men.
21 But I say unto him, that the adversary placed the doubts in his mind, and this because of the weakness of man--and thus he sought to destroy him.
22 But say unto him that if he repenteth he shall receive strength.
23 Concerning My servant Gene, because of the age and perilous times, I call some and give visions to some, but because of their weaknesses they seek the acceptance of the world and vain imaginations enter in.
24 For he hath a gift, but behold, if he repent not he shall lose it and become as other men.
25 For he thought that because he hath a gift, he should have dominion over others, and because of this a false spirit entered into him, and he was deceived for he tried not the spirits and was deceived.
26 And ye have asked Me concerning the gold that was hidden up unto Me.
27 If ye hath faith and exercise thy faith its whereabouts shall be revealed unto thee, and ye had thought to but ask and it would be given unto thee, and behold I say unto thee, one must receive faith by works for there is no other way.
28 Concerning the property in Texas, until My servant Gene repents, ye shall refrain from entering into a covenant with him, nevertheless it is My intention to build a home for the School of the Prophets in this place.
29 But behold, what I command I also can revoke saith the Lord thy God.
30 Ye have asked Me My will concerning you, and I say unto you that ye shall gather together in Boise and purchase a trailer for a temporary home for the School of the Prophets.
31 And I command My Servant that he shall sell his one house after he has repaired it and I shall bless him in this matter, and by doing this he shall obtain monies and he shall purchase a temporary home in Boise and petition the United States Government by way of the Immigration Department.
32 And he shall prepare, with the help of his brethren, lessons that will edify and uplift My servants, and ye shall do all things according to the order indicated in My book the Doctrine and Covenants concerning this matter.
33 And ye shall use this edifice for this purpose and all purposes pertaining to this dispensation, even setting up a printing press that My revelations may go forth to all the members of My church in all nations.
34 And none shall esteem one above another; and all shall humble themselves and put far from them their pride, otherwise the adversary shall take thee in a snare and destroy you, for the adversary seeketh to destroy this while it is yet small.
35 But behold, Mine angels do hover over thee and thou shalt prevail from this time forth if thou dost harken unto Me saith the LORD.
36 And I say unto My servant Curtis, I know thy thoughts and intents and thy weaknesses, and I have called thee to be a spokesman and a voice of thunder.
37 And if ye humble thyself before Me, I will pour out My Spirit upon thee that ye may not be confounded neither can ye be hurt nor slain.
38 And ye shall lift up thy voice in the congregation and the scriptures will be opened up unto thee.
39 Think not that this gift cometh from thine own effort, but give thanks continually for this gift that has been given unto thee.
40 And be not haughty in thy demeanor, but let humbleness be the girdle of thy loins, for a loud and boisterous spirit speaketh not of humbleness.
41 And ye shall be given even a portion of the power that ye seek and a full portion thou shalt receive when thou art worthy.
42 And unto My servant Joseph, I say unto thee that I love thee and thou art My son, for I have seen thy suffering and thy sacrifice is an acceptable sacrifice, for I have called thee to be a pillar of strength in My house with a promise of Eternal Lives.
43 For the suffering thou hast been called to suffer has tempered thee.
44 Nevertheless thou hast not understood My saying, "place thy burdens upon Me and receive peace unto thy soul." For if ye consecrate all that ye have unto Me, it is therefore Mine, and if it be Mine doth it matter unto thee? For will I not prosper that which is Mine, saith the LORD?
45 And if ye consecrate all unto Me and become My steward and thy desire is to serve Me, will ye not serve Me with diligence?
46 And ye will not take into your employ in these businesses any that covenant not unto Me all that they have and receive My law and testimony.
47 And I say again unto My servant: the revelation that I gave unto My servant Joseph is true and shall be heeded in every respect, for the time of My visitation is at hand and none shall stand who heedeth not My voice.
Even so, Amen.
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